History and Mission

Idylls Press’s Mission

As a younger writer back in the late nineties, I learned that while the traditional “legacy” publishing model works for many writers, it wasn’t for me, with my “outlier’s” (some would say “eccentric”) literary vision and my desire to have a hand in the design as well as the writing of books.

I founded Idylls Press in 2004. It was originally conceived as a small print publisher of fiction with mythopoeic and religious (especially Catholic) themes. But during a forced hiatus of several years, due to family duties and a bout with severe vision impairment (since much improved, thank you), I revisioned the Press’s mission.

Idylls Press will continue to publish fiction with mythopoeic themes, but will also develop projects inspired by Wiliam Morris, the Arts & Crafts Movement, and the history and lore of “the mythical state of Jefferson”—a scenic and diverse region that attracts an astonishing variety of creative people.

While maintaining our mom-and-pop artisanal focus, we also hope to broaden our publishing horizons to include a variety of digital media: websites, e-books, video, graphic novels, and illustrated fiction.

Meanwhile, the diverse members of Clan Murphy continue to pursue individual artistic, academic, and business ventures, which we hope will one day share a common guild-like marketing roof: The Tree of Life Guild.

Stay tuned!


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