History and Mission

Idylls Press’s Mission

I founded Idylls Press in 2004. It was originally conceived as a small print publisher of fiction with mythopoeic and spiritual themes. But during a forced hiatus of several years, due to family duties and a bout with severe vision impairment (since much improved, thank you), I revisioned the Press’s mission.

Idylls Press will continue to publish fiction with mythopoeic and spiritual themes, but will also develop projects inspired by William Morris, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the history and lore of “the mythical state of Jefferson”—a scenic and diverse region that attracts an astonishing variety of creative people.

While maintaining our mom-and-pop artisanal focus, we also hope to broaden our publishing horizons to include a variety of digital media: websites, e-books, video, graphic novels, and illustrated fiction.

Meanwhile, the diverse members of Clan Murphy continue to pursue individual artistic, academic, and business ventures, which we hope will one day share a common guild-like marketing roof: The Tree of Life Guild.

Stay tuned!


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