Info for Bookstores

Retailers who order five or more books directly from Idylls Press get a 40% discount on softcovers and 30% on hardcovers, plus shipping. (Books are shipped by UPS Commercial Ground, unless otherwise specified, and the shipping cost will be added to the invoice.)

Orders are invoiced on a net-30 basis.

Note: Our books are not returnable, so please do not order more than you believe you can sell.

Most Idylls Press books are also available through the major wholesalers (Ingram, Baker & Taylor, et al). Our books are normally printed on-demand and the wholesale discount for both hard- and softcovers is 25%.

To place a direct order from Idylls Press, phone us at 1-541-613-7016. We will e-mail you an order confirmation and a .pdf of the invoice.

Or contact us via email:

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