David Craig

David A. Craig, poet & author of MARY'S HOUSEauthor of Mary’s House: New and Selected Poems

David Craig has published nine collections of poetry: The Sandaled Foot (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1980), Psalms (Park Bench Press, 1982), Peter Maurin and Other Poems (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1985), Marching Through Gaul (Scripta Humanisitica, 1990), Only One Face (White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 1994), The Roof of Heaven (Franciscan University Press, 1998), Mercy’s Face: New & Selected Poems, 1980-2000 (Franciscan University Press, 2000), Sonnets from Matthew (Franciscan University English Department. Chapbook, 2002). His poetry has been anthologized eleven times, most significantly in David Impastato’s Upholding Mystery for Oxford University Press, where he shared space with only twelve other Christian poets in the English-speaking world. His Mercy’s Face was recently included in the Masterplots list of the five hundred most important literary works in Christendom.

MARY'S HOUSE: NEW & SELECTED=In 1994 David Craig co-edited (with Janet McCann) Odd Angles of Heaven, an anthology of contemporary Christian poetry for Harold Shaw Publishers. In 2000, Craig and McCann released an anthology of contemporary Catholic poetry from Story Line Press, entitled Place of Passage. In 2005 they published an historical anthology of Franciscan poems called Poems of Francis and Clare for St. Anthony Messenger Press.

Craig has also published three works of fiction: The Cheese Stands Alone (CMJ Press, 1997), Our Lady of the Outfield (CMJ Press, 2000), and a satirical novel, A Communion of S(aints) (iUniverse, 2003).

Daivd Craig has an M.F.A. and Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University. He has taught Creative Writing as a Professor at the Franciscan University of Steubenville for almost twenty years. He lives in West Virginia with his wife Linda and their three children, David Thomas, Jude Francis, and Bridget Jean.

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